wow. this article.

I don’t know the etiquette for blogging an article, so I’m just going to stick the link right here This article, “LEAVING IT ALL OR HAVING IT ALL? A CLOSER LOOK AT ONCE STRAIGHT WOMEN WHO ARE LEAVING THEIR HUSBANDS FOR OTHER WOMEN” really resonated with me. It was refreshing to hear sexuality termed as fluid because that’s what I’ve always believed.

I knew in 6th grade that I liked my best friend, a girl, as more than a friend. Through middle school and high school I adopted the term bisexual in my head because it was the only term I knew to describe attraction to both men and women. But even then, I couldn’t imagine actually being with a girl. It seemed like such a big step–honestly near impossible. How would I even meet a girl who also liked girls? Sophomore year of college I said it to my best friend. Out loud. It wasn’t until I did it that I realized I had never said “I like girls. I am bisexual.” out loud. Now I’ve been dating the same girl on and off for almost a year, and while I’m still attracted to men, I absolutely love being with her. I never would have imagined myself in this situation even a year ago. Not until the first time I kissed her. It’s taken time to figure myself out. How I feel about being gay. But I take her out on dates in public, and it feels like the most normal thing in the world. She’s not just a girl. She is someone I love, and it wouldn’t matter if she were a boy, or a girl, or a llama. I love her, and I want to make her happy in every way. Sex is just an extension of that.

Something that drives me absolutely crazy about some gay people is that they say things like, “well, I don’t like vagina.” Or, “penises are gross.” And sure, foreign body parts can be weird. But is that all you value of the partner you’re with? Because I sure as hell am not gay just because I ‘like vagina.” No. Girls are in every way different from boys. In the way they talk, act, think. Sex is absolutely important to a relationship, but attraction is about more than body parts. And if you love someone, and find yourself attracted to them, why should you question that? Either way. Whether you have always thought you were completely gay or thoroughly straight, if you find yourself drawn to someone outside of the “norm,” give it a shot. Maybe you don’t know yourself as well as you think you do. Because love is love. And when you do find someone that you love in every way, no one, including yourself, should stop you from giving them everything.


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