beginning again

I’ve decided to switch majors and I literally feel lighter. More free. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized how stifling it was being in engineering. All everyone is focused towards is money. Getting that job, getting that internship, getting through the class. I don’t want to just “get through” life. I want to […]

This Magic Moment

Reading alone in my lamp-lit room. Surrounded by dark walls and heavy, wooden furniture. A candle on my dresser emits a faint scent of burning that I find delectable—I connect it to campfires and the forest, I think. Soft silence brought by heavily falling snow blankets the house.  It is a perfect moment. Times like these are […]

The Time We Lost

What Hearts   A tarnished, silver pocketwatch sways, Coldly bathed in wintry rays, Dangling by a time-sealed vow Made with a leaf-bare aspen bough.   Yet aspens and evergreens never need The passings of hour and day heed As did the lone wanderer, passing by, Reminded of life by this clock in the sky.   […]